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  • This course examines the strategic management process and the corporate balanced scorecard. Introduction to the concepts and techniques used to create and implement a sense of corporate direction; choices about products and markets that involve the integration of different functional areas; positioning a business to increase returns for shareholders and stakeholders; the skills involved in identifying issues, evaluating options, and implementing strategic business plans. Participants also receive instruction in effectively establishing company ambition and direction, completing industry analyses, evaluation of company resources and competitive capabilities, strategic competitive advantages and strategic implementation. Topics include: introduction to performance management and measurements, similarities and differences among BSC and other performance management systems, advantages of using BSC performance systems, methodology for building and implementing a BSC: Step 1: Assessment, Step 2: Strategy, Step 3: Strategic Objectives, Step 4: Strategy Mapping, Step 5: Performance Measures and Targets, Step 6: Strategic Initiatives, and BSC roll-out

  • This module examines the scope and content of authentic personal branding and leadership branding. It provides an advanced breakthrough formula and a new blueprint to build, implement, and cultivate an authentic, distinctive, and memorable personal brand, which forms the key to enduring personal success. Building an authentic personal brand is an evolutionary and organic process and a journey towards a successful life. The course will offer a holistic and complete branding framework that will help our students to create a powerful personal brand identity that builds a trusted image of themselves and will help them to enrich their relationships with others, master themselves, unlock their potential, and develop self-esteem and personal leadership. By aligning their personal brand with themselves they will create a stable basis for their trustworthiness, credibility, and personal charisma. Topics include: visionary leadership, personal ambition, personal branding, personal SWOT, leadership branding, entrepreneurship, breathing and silence exercise, personal BSC, alignment with yourself, personal integrity, Plan-Deploy-Act-Challenge cycle, personal leadership.
  • Barack Obama’sdream
    is—Bring about real change, change that we can believe in. His passion for
    change is the pillar of his authentic Personal Brand. Parts of his

    Barack Obama:

    · identified and
    leveraged his authentic, relevant, meaningful, inspiring, enduring, ambitiousdream and hope 

    · responses to
    his dream/hope with love and passion and adds value to others 

    · knows what make
    him unique, special, different and outstanding 

    · recognized and
    identified his genius and expanded his limits based on this 

    · succeeded by
    living according to his dream and doing related work he loves  

    · has faith in
    himself and the courage to pursue his dream and hope, and based on this
    delivered peak performances and is exceptional 


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